A Pesky Propaganda

Week 2, Day 2.

Our “heroes” first went to seek Ala’deen, Robin went to deliver some letters to some people, and the others passed the time at the Department of Menace Eradication. After some books were conveniently and expediently mailed to Robin’s residence, they learned a bit more of the nature of the cult operating nearby, which was the water cult, rather than the earth cult as expected. The group went to the docks for a snack, and had a fairly informative argument about the cultists with some zailors. After discovering that sailing to Bugsby marsh would take longer than walking there, they walked there.
They quickly noticed an albino marsh wolf, (which has a bounty on its head) who ran into the woods, and the group followed. Eventually coming upon a small stream, they were attacked by some incompetent non-albino wolves, who promptly killed themselves on the party’s weapons. They then followed the stream in whichever direction the DDM thought made sense, and found the source of the stream, a waterfall coming down from a Surface lake, which the group deduced was above a Water Elemental Leyline. Upon travelling into the probably totally natural rock formation shaped like dwarven ruins, the group was besot by some troglodytes, who were promptly killed.



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