A Pesky Propaganda

Week 2, Day 1

The group reconvened to discuss the findings of their research. Most notably, Pavel received a missive from the police at Blackport, describing in a great deal of detail what they were not being asked to do, how they would not go about doing so, and who they are certainly not working with. The began their totally unofficial investigation by where they met the Heartbroken Archaeologist, looking for the Gallery of Serpents, when it became apparent that the cult symbol they were told to search for was of Surface origin, he lost interest, and when Pavel went to ask the aid of a pack of devils on the hunt, they ran to attack him, insulted that they laughed at the name of the great Lord Asmodeus, Pavel stood his ground, and the group’s archers destroyed the lead horse, leading to a comedy of errors that killed one of the devils and wounded 2 others. After handily finishing the remaining devils and their Hellhounds, Andraste had a strange intuition regarding the location of the Gallery, after discussing it with the Archaeologist, was promised one question of the beings within the Gallery, after a gentleman who had also aided him asks one.

The group quickly found a fountain of a tree, bare of leaves, which he recognized as the landmark nearest the Gallery, feverishly digging, they quickly uncovered the entrance and, as promised, gave the first question to the Ophidian Gentleman, who offered his left hand as collateral, to prove that he would not ask more than one question of the Gallery.

After he left, the group entered, finding a circular room with the floor covered in snakes, in the center was a glass bowl, and at the far side, 3 statues holding mirrors, one of which was darkened. Pavel drank from the bowl, and light shone from the glass as he asked, “How can we stop the cult from achieving its goals and how can we learn more and can we trust him? (Pointing to Robin)”
After a pause, a woman’s voice answered, “You should not trust him, but must trust IN him, go to where Ala’den lives, read of the cult within, and learn their secrets from his tomes, then venture to Bugsby Swamp, you will find a hovel in the mists, and within will be a member of the cult, Ala’den knows the way to gain his trust. This is the clearest path, though there are always others.”
Then the group left, said their goodbyes to a thankful associate, and began to head back to the Capital.



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