AC 15
HP 40
Perception 15
Insight 12
Knowledge Skills: None
Languages: Common, Gnomish

Ku’s Research


My name is Seebo “Ku” Garrick, Gnome of the Glitterhold Forest and Headmaster of the School of Solitude and Jackassery. I enjoy performing fancy tricks and things on street corners to delight my fellow townsmen and townsbitches. I come from a humble do-as-you-please family, where I learned the art of archery to shoot my enemy’s ass—literally—have you seen me take down a Pegasus from 300 feet? Dude, you should have seen that shit. There was this asshole riding him, trying to escape, but I was like, “Aw, naw, you lil bitch.” They both wound up pancaking on the side of mountain.
I love to jump from tree to tree or tree to ground or tree to…fuck, anything, really. I do as I please…because I can. Prissy women and shit would say that I wear my emotions on my sleeve or whatever the fuck they mean to say when they mean, “I speak what I think.” What I “lack” in height, I certainly make up in skills, observation, and stealth. I’m a sneaky motherfucker. I bring a potted plant with me to hide in plain sight. Heh. You’d be a fool to think I’m that stupid. I’ll outsmart you. There’s not much more to say…


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