A Pesky Propaganda

Week 2, Day 2.

Our “heroes” first went to seek Ala’deen, Robin went to deliver some letters to some people, and the others passed the time at the Department of Menace Eradication. After some books were conveniently and expediently mailed to Robin’s residence, they learned a bit more of the nature of the cult operating nearby, which was the water cult, rather than the earth cult as expected. The group went to the docks for a snack, and had a fairly informative argument about the cultists with some zailors. After discovering that sailing to Bugsby marsh would take longer than walking there, they walked there.
They quickly noticed an albino marsh wolf, (which has a bounty on its head) who ran into the woods, and the group followed. Eventually coming upon a small stream, they were attacked by some incompetent non-albino wolves, who promptly killed themselves on the party’s weapons. They then followed the stream in whichever direction the DDM thought made sense, and found the source of the stream, a waterfall coming down from a Surface lake, which the group deduced was above a Water Elemental Leyline. Upon travelling into the probably totally natural rock formation shaped like dwarven ruins, the group was besot by some troglodytes, who were promptly killed.

Week 2, Day 1

The group reconvened to discuss the findings of their research. Most notably, Pavel received a missive from the police at Blackport, describing in a great deal of detail what they were not being asked to do, how they would not go about doing so, and who they are certainly not working with. The began their totally unofficial investigation by where they met the Heartbroken Archaeologist, looking for the Gallery of Serpents, when it became apparent that the cult symbol they were told to search for was of Surface origin, he lost interest, and when Pavel went to ask the aid of a pack of devils on the hunt, they ran to attack him, insulted that they laughed at the name of the great Lord Asmodeus, Pavel stood his ground, and the group’s archers destroyed the lead horse, leading to a comedy of errors that killed one of the devils and wounded 2 others. After handily finishing the remaining devils and their Hellhounds, Andraste had a strange intuition regarding the location of the Gallery, after discussing it with the Archaeologist, was promised one question of the beings within the Gallery, after a gentleman who had also aided him asks one.

The group quickly found a fountain of a tree, bare of leaves, which he recognized as the landmark nearest the Gallery, feverishly digging, they quickly uncovered the entrance and, as promised, gave the first question to the Ophidian Gentleman, who offered his left hand as collateral, to prove that he would not ask more than one question of the Gallery.

After he left, the group entered, finding a circular room with the floor covered in snakes, in the center was a glass bowl, and at the far side, 3 statues holding mirrors, one of which was darkened. Pavel drank from the bowl, and light shone from the glass as he asked, “How can we stop the cult from achieving its goals and how can we learn more and can we trust him? (Pointing to Robin)”
After a pause, a woman’s voice answered, “You should not trust him, but must trust IN him, go to where Ala’den lives, read of the cult within, and learn their secrets from his tomes, then venture to Bugsby Swamp, you will find a hovel in the mists, and within will be a member of the cult, Ala’den knows the way to gain his trust. This is the clearest path, though there are always others.”
Then the group left, said their goodbyes to a thankful associate, and began to head back to the Capital.

Day 6
Finding the fractitious fiend

Outline as I remember it. My Memory is sometimes not the best.

  • Arrival at prison with Hester Hillmelter.
  • cast spell on Hester Hillmelter to make sure she cooperates with us at her utmost capacity. Wouldn’t want her to decide to backstab us.
  • cast feather fall on Pavel to assist his jump across the “moat” defending the prison.1
  • I just walk in legally through the front door.
  • We find out that the prison is mostly unguarded and arranged in a very bewildering and “unlabeled” way. 2
  • Following Hester Hillmelter we note she knows where shes going.
  • We have found the heinous criminal bolton and I notice he is lacking representation
  • I try and have a friendly conversation with him to represent him and defend him from his actions
  • He gives me sass and states he won’t be arguing any of his charges. Hes in prison and intends to stay that way.
  • I leave and the “real cops” come and start having a “conversation” with him.
  • He freaks out when we tell him hes coming up and eats the back of his hand off.
  • Andraste, being the quick thinker she is, Guts him and pulls out the chewed pieces of skin from his stomach and reattaches the skin to his hand so we can heal his hand to reveal a special symbol.
  • I recognize it as the symbol of the elemental earth cult. Eh
  • We legally remove bolton from prison and take him all the way up to the judges
  • Being from the underneath , I choose a different route to arrive at the courts above.
  • During the judging, Bolton requests representation and as i was already most familiar with the case I volunteered my services. The judge also required a prosecuting witness so as is my legal duty to the law, I presented the evidence in the best possible manner.
  • I expressed Mr.Bolton’s wish to “NOT ARGUING ANY CHARGES” and pled GUILTY. As he requested.
  • The law again brought order. 3

Dreams plague the heroes and we aren’t sure what they mean. Except me. I’m having a grand ole time as usual in the underneath with wholesome breakfast and hearty dinner.

Misrecollections, dutifully repostultated for the sake of prospellection.

1 The “moat” descripulated within was less of a moat, and more of a disposulary chute for the deceased who were to remain deceased as such.

2 The prison is arranged in a perfectly recognisible way, columnar alphabetlets and rowular numerals, only the reorderintation and locationtudes of prisoners cause bewilderments.

3 In the incredible genererousnessity of the Masters of the Baazar, the sentencing and punishmentations of the criminal Bolton were carried out on the Surface, as such, Bolton was depersonalitized and made to be compliant, such is the punishment of the Surfacers, one presumates.

Day 5

Without any guidance from (Robin + titles), the party went to the (philospher’s/revolutionary’s) square. There amongst the shouting of ideas, they spoke with a kindly old constable who lawfully rounded up any svirfneblin females in attendance, pretending to part of some sort of funding group, Andraste told the group that she had bad news for the recently widowed Ms. Hillmelter. Once she was identified, the others were dismissed and the party explained that her husband was killed because of young Benjamin Bolton, she cursed the traitor and promised to take care of it. Not wanting to lose any information to misdirected revenge, the party explained that they would help. As her cooperation began to wane, Pavel responded by revealing their affiliation with the police…but she would not have it, a snitch is one thing she was not. He was however able to regain her cooperation after a brief “resection of unneeded tissue” to “gently encourage compliance”. They continued to travel to the prison, planning on following the little widow into the jail, secretly, until she was able to identify Bolton for the group. Things went in a slightly unexpected direction when Andraste put Prisoner’s Honey on Ms Hillmelter’s finger to ease the stress endured by Pavel’s encouragement, and then Ms Hillmelter, ingesting the honey, predictably, disappeared. Brave Pavel was the first to pursue her, and after an hour or so, reappeared empty handed. The others followed shortly thereafter, with Andraste finally returning with the Widow and her husband’s ring in hand. They then scaled the cliff face below the prison to the side yard, where hard working Robin noticed and rejoined them.

Day 4

They spent their night in the care of their benevolent and generous host, Robin, in the best and safest accomodations within his interest to provide. Upon waking up the heroes found themselves heading into the bazaar seeking Robin’s personal printer, SOME DUDE, and determined his location to be along ladyfinger lane.

They traveled there and encountered one of the many perils of the city, a local jack of smiles, and one of their own fell to their foul blades. Upon stopping the murderous fiend, the outsiders learned that death down in the underground is far less permament than up above as a local surgeon was able to almost effortlessly breath life back into their comrade.

Robin, being a Lawyer and protector of the Law, brought them to the Head quarters of the constabulatory. What a fellow that Robin. With that step they were able to connect an obscure symbol with a family name of the boltons that have made their transport down here known. This vital information would never have been uncovered without Robin’s sage knowledge and connections.

Chasing down their now singular lead, thanks to their new friend Robin, lead them to the home of the boltons. But too late. They find a poisoned and injured Bolton senior in the home. Babbling and confused we find that the word Bolton seems to trigger a sense of forgetfulness. The criminal criminal has poisoned his family members in an attempt to cover his escape.

Having been very useful and accomplished Robin decided to take a nap in his home while the plucky heroes from the above ground chose to proceed without his insight and knowledge, blindly through the dark.

Day 3

The dutiful and lawful controllers, as appointed by the rightful ruler, lord asmodeous of the great age, have been dispatched below ground to follow a vile criminal. Charged with posting and creating anti-governmental propoganda, of which the sentence is death by soul consumation, the band of investigators started in the town below.

Along the way, they established a base of operations. A small tavern that would allow them easy communication with authoritise above ground, at the same time creating a flow of currency into the reign of the almighty ruler asmodeous, king of all that is righteous.

They visited the local prison by boarding a nearby citizens ship and traveling there. The prison looked normal however the constabulatory were unable to give any vital clues or information concerning their fugitive. They left, and newly in their posession, a cask of the highly regarded prisoners Honey.

The underground city where the criminal has fled to is a confusing and strange city with a very strict and organized guard and justice system. With written documentation the heroes have arrived in the city and meet our faithful and loyal assistant, Robin of Locksely Lawyer and guide extra-ordinaire. He assisted the poor lost heroes to the local constabulatory who was able to help them gain traction and information on the workings of the city as well as where they could find a local printing press that may harbor information on their fugitive.

Day 2

Robin is unaware of the events of these days

Day 1

Robin is unaware of the events of these days


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