Robin of Lockesly
AC 11
HP 35
Perception 10
Insight 13
Knowledge Skills: History (16)
Languages: Common, Infernal


Robin Of Lockesly

Reliable and sharp lawyer of the city. Has been in this city for near 10 years now and is familiar with many of the constables of this city. He has helped lots of locals with some of their more petty issues with the law. There are many locals he feel he might be involved with some more shady individuals and some even say they don’t even remember him being around for that long.

KAICIUS (Happiness)

Where does my story start? At the beginning, I suppose. My father won me in a barter for a house. I guess maybe that’s why he resents me so much. It wasn’t a great deal for him. He was a real piece of shit if you ask me. I guess I could count myself lucky that I didn’t know the actual hole I spawned from but I never really had a mother. At least he fed me food long enough till I could catch my own. Stealing was more of a living than a choice at that age. Never more than I needed but it didn’t exactly put me in the best place in life. Good thing I never needed life to put me someplace to get what I wanted.

What really got me was how gullible people could be… And how utterly wonderful some others are. More on the latter later. Around the age of 12 I was picking through a crowd, when I picked a purse that changed my life forever. Mr.Tanicitus Dread. What a name right? Good friends with the constables and high ranking official of the court. Among the pile of gold and gems in that hefty pouch was a beautiful little piece of work. A stunning rune. I didn’t leave the bazaar before the jig was up and I was on the ground. Normally a story like mine ended with jail and the eventual disappearance of my annoying little existence. That was not sufficient for Mr.Dread. He pulled me to work on his small group of felonious pod of office clerks.

“Maybe learning the law, will come to give you some respect for it.” Mr.Dread’s law. Turns out his name was a bit of a red herring for most, he was the nicest judge on the court at the time. What a real idiot. People don’t change. But it did really give me time to learn the ins and outs while having a real cover to be in all kinds of places I shouldn’t have been. Pulling together all kinds of little pieces of secrets, learning what not to do, learning who’s who in the real world turned out to be a real boon. Even got to make a few bucks once I figured out who I could start pulling on for favors.

Eventually Mr.Dread came to see me as a real prodigy of the art of “Law”, but by then i figured the real deal. The real deal is the magic that runs under all of the system. Wizards and their kin, their arcane rules don’t follow the laws. They decide where the law belongs. So I took advantage of Mr.Dread and ditched him, took what I could of his goods and headed to the nearest scholarly group of mages that I could get into. Shedding my past seemed so easy. I bought into the circle with some money and some very convincing letters of recommendations of mages who don’t exist.

With some practice I got pretty good at it but I didn’t expect to find the woman i would want to live the rest of my life with there among the tomes and old men with glasses so thick they can barely stay on their face. Inlith Song was a beautiful azure skinned gem. She was sharp as dagger and just as dangerous. I found myself spending a lot of opportunities stealing time away from studies to try and get her to open up to me. Normally it was such an easy thing to get people to let them talk but for some reason she was so guarded and mysterious.

It was intoxicating.

I would steal away little flowers or make little rituals that would send her sweet nothings. She eventually got me to open up. Got too close. I told her my name and she stabbed me. Metaphorically speaking of course. well literally too. She was under retainer of the watchers of the constables. A group of eyes and ears who get paid for tips and unlawful behavior. A quick payout and I found myself running for my life from that azure mistake, closely followed by the guard.

It took me 6 years and 10 changes of Identity later, before I could take a handle on life again. A new town, new people, and some familiar blackmail targets later I’m setup. Mr.Robin of Lockesly, Fine upstanding citizen and defender of the lawful. It would take one whisper of my name to the guards to start them on the trail again and I rather like my current place. Right under their noses. So you bet I’ll silence that whisper before they get the chance.


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