Jack of Smiles

"not an individual..." "...mostly a danger to him/herself" "Lunatic murderer"


“The Jack of Smiles case is a currently ongoing investigation, and as such, some details remain classified. What the Constabulary has deemed relevant knowledge for public safety is as follows:

  1. The Jack of Smiles murderers (henceforth referred to as Jacks) are not an individual, but a chain of copycat killers who find targets, relentlessly stalk them, and then murder them with a knife or knives.
  2. The weapon used by a Jack is always a knife of some kind, though the type varies wildly, sometimes a general will use an antique steel knife given to him for years of service, sometimes a mother will murder someone with a kitchen knife.
  3. Once a person begins exhibiting the actions of Jack, there has been no method proven to dissuade them of the need to kill others, seemingly at random.
  4. Jacks are classified as a public nuisance, and mostly a danger to him/herself, as the victims rarely are killed permanently, but, due to the preceding datum, Jacks usually are permanently killed or detained indefinitely.
  5. Jacks do not like being referred to as Jack, the only cases of a Jack switching targets while the previous target is alive is when a passerby called Jack’s name, though this does not always divert the Jack’s attention.

Please report any lunatic murderer, whether or not they respond to the name Jack, to the nearest Constable or stout and armed citizen."

Official report on the Jack of Smiles Killing Spree.


Jack of Smiles

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