Andraste Nailo
AC 16
HP 50
Perception 16
Insight 16
Knowledge Skills: Animal Handling (16)
Languages: Common, Elven, Undercommon

Character Sheet

Andraste’s Research


Andraste is a young Drow maiden born only 200 years ago to the merchants Dad Lastname and Mom Nailo.
Her parents’ Gnome kebabs and leathers were famous across The Caverns.
Growing up with privilege meant that even at a young age Andraste came to the surface to hunt and socialize.
Once, they combined the two! Disguising themselves as elves, Andraste and her grandmama feasted at a wood elf party and then slaughtered everyone.
Unfortunately a couple of decades before her 200th birthday, Andraste’s grandmama passed unexpectedly.
Tired of the family quarreling about who will be the next head of family, Andraste moved to the surface.
After some time travelling and seeing the world she finally settled in the city of Blackport.
If you need to hunt down an elf or perhaps get a new stuffed trophy for your living room, you can now find Andraste in her small apartment in the merchant district.


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