A Pesky Propaganda

Day 6

Finding the fractitious fiend

Outline as I remember it. My Memory is sometimes not the best.

  • Arrival at prison with Hester Hillmelter.
  • cast spell on Hester Hillmelter to make sure she cooperates with us at her utmost capacity. Wouldn’t want her to decide to backstab us.
  • cast feather fall on Pavel to assist his jump across the “moat” defending the prison.1
  • I just walk in legally through the front door.
  • We find out that the prison is mostly unguarded and arranged in a very bewildering and “unlabeled” way. 2
  • Following Hester Hillmelter we note she knows where shes going.
  • We have found the heinous criminal bolton and I notice he is lacking representation
  • I try and have a friendly conversation with him to represent him and defend him from his actions
  • He gives me sass and states he won’t be arguing any of his charges. Hes in prison and intends to stay that way.
  • I leave and the “real cops” come and start having a “conversation” with him.
  • He freaks out when we tell him hes coming up and eats the back of his hand off.
  • Andraste, being the quick thinker she is, Guts him and pulls out the chewed pieces of skin from his stomach and reattaches the skin to his hand so we can heal his hand to reveal a special symbol.
  • I recognize it as the symbol of the elemental earth cult. Eh
  • We legally remove bolton from prison and take him all the way up to the judges
  • Being from the underneath , I choose a different route to arrive at the courts above.
  • During the judging, Bolton requests representation and as i was already most familiar with the case I volunteered my services. The judge also required a prosecuting witness so as is my legal duty to the law, I presented the evidence in the best possible manner.
  • I expressed Mr.Bolton’s wish to “NOT ARGUING ANY CHARGES” and pled GUILTY. As he requested.
  • The law again brought order. 3

Dreams plague the heroes and we aren’t sure what they mean. Except me. I’m having a grand ole time as usual in the underneath with wholesome breakfast and hearty dinner.

Misrecollections, dutifully repostultated for the sake of prospellection.

1 The “moat” descripulated within was less of a moat, and more of a disposulary chute for the deceased who were to remain deceased as such.

2 The prison is arranged in a perfectly recognisible way, columnar alphabetlets and rowular numerals, only the reorderintation and locationtudes of prisoners cause bewilderments.

3 In the incredible genererousnessity of the Masters of the Baazar, the sentencing and punishmentations of the criminal Bolton were carried out on the Surface, as such, Bolton was depersonalitized and made to be compliant, such is the punishment of the Surfacers, one presumates.



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