A Pesky Propaganda

Day 5

Without any guidance from (Robin + titles), the party went to the (philospher’s/revolutionary’s) square. There amongst the shouting of ideas, they spoke with a kindly old constable who lawfully rounded up any svirfneblin females in attendance, pretending to part of some sort of funding group, Andraste told the group that she had bad news for the recently widowed Ms. Hillmelter. Once she was identified, the others were dismissed and the party explained that her husband was killed because of young Benjamin Bolton, she cursed the traitor and promised to take care of it. Not wanting to lose any information to misdirected revenge, the party explained that they would help. As her cooperation began to wane, Pavel responded by revealing their affiliation with the police…but she would not have it, a snitch is one thing she was not. He was however able to regain her cooperation after a brief “resection of unneeded tissue” to “gently encourage compliance”. They continued to travel to the prison, planning on following the little widow into the jail, secretly, until she was able to identify Bolton for the group. Things went in a slightly unexpected direction when Andraste put Prisoner’s Honey on Ms Hillmelter’s finger to ease the stress endured by Pavel’s encouragement, and then Ms Hillmelter, ingesting the honey, predictably, disappeared. Brave Pavel was the first to pursue her, and after an hour or so, reappeared empty handed. The others followed shortly thereafter, with Andraste finally returning with the Widow and her husband’s ring in hand. They then scaled the cliff face below the prison to the side yard, where hard working Robin noticed and rejoined them.



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