A Pesky Propaganda

Day 4

They spent their night in the care of their benevolent and generous host, Robin, in the best and safest accomodations within his interest to provide. Upon waking up the heroes found themselves heading into the bazaar seeking Robin’s personal printer, SOME DUDE, and determined his location to be along ladyfinger lane.

They traveled there and encountered one of the many perils of the city, a local jack of smiles, and one of their own fell to their foul blades. Upon stopping the murderous fiend, the outsiders learned that death down in the underground is far less permament than up above as a local surgeon was able to almost effortlessly breath life back into their comrade.

Robin, being a Lawyer and protector of the Law, brought them to the Head quarters of the constabulatory. What a fellow that Robin. With that step they were able to connect an obscure symbol with a family name of the boltons that have made their transport down here known. This vital information would never have been uncovered without Robin’s sage knowledge and connections.

Chasing down their now singular lead, thanks to their new friend Robin, lead them to the home of the boltons. But too late. They find a poisoned and injured Bolton senior in the home. Babbling and confused we find that the word Bolton seems to trigger a sense of forgetfulness. The criminal criminal has poisoned his family members in an attempt to cover his escape.

Having been very useful and accomplished Robin decided to take a nap in his home while the plucky heroes from the above ground chose to proceed without his insight and knowledge, blindly through the dark.



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