A Pesky Propaganda

Day 3

The dutiful and lawful controllers, as appointed by the rightful ruler, lord asmodeous of the great age, have been dispatched below ground to follow a vile criminal. Charged with posting and creating anti-governmental propoganda, of which the sentence is death by soul consumation, the band of investigators started in the town below.

Along the way, they established a base of operations. A small tavern that would allow them easy communication with authoritise above ground, at the same time creating a flow of currency into the reign of the almighty ruler asmodeous, king of all that is righteous.

They visited the local prison by boarding a nearby citizens ship and traveling there. The prison looked normal however the constabulatory were unable to give any vital clues or information concerning their fugitive. They left, and newly in their posession, a cask of the highly regarded prisoners Honey.

The underground city where the criminal has fled to is a confusing and strange city with a very strict and organized guard and justice system. With written documentation the heroes have arrived in the city and meet our faithful and loyal assistant, Robin of Locksely Lawyer and guide extra-ordinaire. He assisted the poor lost heroes to the local constabulatory who was able to help them gain traction and information on the workings of the city as well as where they could find a local printing press that may harbor information on their fugitive.



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